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Tweakování X2 aneb jak vyladit druhou XPERII k lepším výkonům

Kolda.o (114)|14.4.2010 17:29
potwekoval jsem a trochu jsem to i tady popsal. Pred chvilkou jsem ale nasel na XDA nasledujici prispevek a muzu rict ze jsem udelal skoro vse uvedene, nektere veci navic. Pokusim se rozepsat moje pokusy. Prozatim ale prikladam alespon prispevek z XDA.

This solution works BEST if you delete the tilewave panel AND use the standard WM today screen:

1) Uninstall Growing Panel, Pixel City (Day & Night) | (Start -> Settings -> System -> Remove Programs)
2) Uninstall all SPB shell and software. (Start -> Settings -> System -> Remove Programs)
2) Delete tilewave panel in (File Explorer -> Program Files -> Panels)
3) Delete the other panels of your choice, I deleted everything except google panel (In case today panel for some reason crashes, I still got google panel to work with) | (File Explorer -> Program Files -> Panels)
4) SKtools (Search SKtools on XDA forums search function) -> Tweak -> Optimise -> Tick Font cache size and TCP window size -> Action -> Performance -> Optimise -> Soft reset
5) Advanced configuration tool (Search in XDA forums for the program / google it) -> Performances ->

File system cache: 8MB
File system cache size: 16384 sectors
Glyph cache: 32kb

6) SKtools -> Category -> Clean up -> Go to EACH and EVERY option to delete bad registries, temp cache folders, bad uninstall info, etc. MAKE SURE clean up EACH option in clean-up. INCLUDING registry optimiser, do it!

7) To resolve the messaging lag: Search "SMS lag fix" in XDA forums to get rid of lag.

8) DONE! Soft-reset one last time, and FEEL the difference =)

SKTools - Benchmark Results

Integer 263.6438
RAM: 581
Draw Bitmaps: 713
Main Storage Write: 2045kb
Main Storage Read: 6811.53kb

This solution covers, as far as I know, the general basic operations and responsiveness of the entire windows mobile system for the X2 and/or other WM devices. I don't suffer any MR1 upgrade issues with this solution other than the "Storage card disappearing" issue, which everyone is having a problem with as well.

Credits go to XDA-developers and their respective authors for the posts, you know who you are. All I've done is complile the information and made a solution for the X2 users out there.
Kolda.o (114)|3.5.2010 23:47
pro finalni vyreseni problemu karta vysla na XDA uprava:



pro zapnuti pohyboveho senzoru upravte tuto hodnotu v registrech:

změnte položku ‘AccelBasedRotationEnabled’ DWORD Data na 1[/code]