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Acces Widgets

Tapir Max (13)|17.10.2008 10:00
Zdar, tu je dnesna posta :)


                 Enjoy Mobile Widgets!

            Announcing the official opening of the
          NetFront(TM) Browser Widgets Community Site



                                                     October 17, 2008

ACCESS is pleased to announce the official opening of the NetFront
Browser Widgets Community Site.

[For PC]
[For Mobile]

The site now includes a section for developers, which features a
developer tools download page as well as a widget upload page.

Additionally, the widgets player for Windows(R) Mobile(R) has been
updated, and there is also a new widget player for S60.
(Both players are free to download.)

We hope that everyone will enjoy using NetFront Browser Widgets and
the new NetFront Browser Widgets Community Site.


Register now!

Users who have downloaded the beta widget player for Windows Mobile
(available until 10/15) should uninstall the player, and download and
install the new updated widget player from the pages listed below.
If you do not update the widget player, you will not be able to
download and use any widget from the new site because all the widgets
have been updated.


Please note that support is not offered for this site.

You cannot reply to this mail address.



 Copyright (C) 2008 ACCESS CO., LTD. All rights reserved.

TheMelin (1642)|17.10.2008 15:29
No to vypadá zajímavě. Do teď je můj nejlepší prohlížeč NetFront a stále čekám na finální verzi. Snad už bude brzy.