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A639 jako handsfree

mexxik007 (3)|1.7.2008 19:27
Dobrý den, chtěl jsem se zeptat jestli neexistuje nějaký soft pro PDA který by se spojil s mobilem a fungoval jako handsfree. Trávím hodně času v autě a potřeboval bych to. Nebyl by problém koupit nějaké originalní handsfree ale jelikož používám PDA k navigaci tak mě napadla tato možnost. Předem děkuji.
jedpod (2)|9.7.2008 07:43
Sorry - only English

I found interesting answer here: ASUS VIP forum

It states:

I also can't read French text quoted few posts earlier, however as I see there something about solution based on two keys which should be imported 9or created) into WM6 registry. But doesn't know exactly how those keys works decided to drop it and started think how to use BThandsfreedevice.exe
My solution below:
As this application is located in directory WINDOWS on the device's rom and has file atribute "hidden" and "Read-only" we have few solutions:
1) Run it thru any file explorer which can see hidden files (like Total Commander)
Solution works althought it's not so comfortable to run it each time
2) Using mentioned file's manager, create an application shortcut and locate it in PDA at \WINDOWS\MENU START\PROGRAMS\ - tchen you can add it in both Today menu or Menu start Menu from interface level.

Please note that I use polish WM6 distribution so you'rs directory structure might be different.

For those who deosn't like to install any file explorer over the standard one's I've made bypass (don't ask me why).
Just run WM6 file explorer and go to My Device\Windows\Menu Start\Programs
There are located application's shortcut.
Select any file from there by cursor (using arrow keys on device), then press MENU -> Edit -> Copy
Next move to SD card and paste the file there.
Change name of file eg.BTSHORTCUT and acces to your SD card on your PC.
Next edit shortcut using any text editor and replace contents by :

Again copy the shortcut file to SD card and using PDA's file explorer copy from card to folder My Device\Windows\Menu Start\Programs
Since now you may run BTHandsfreedevice.exe using Menu Start

Now regarding the application: Run BT on PDA next run BTHandsfreedevice.exe
You will be prompted to connect a phone thru BT. Then pair device with phone exchanging code. Since then you may pickup incoming calls on PDAs' screen. You also can dial new numbers however I can't synchronize contacts nor phone events (calls answered , not answered ect)
For those who doesn't know - you can tune built-in microphone settings : Start -> Settings
Tab to System settings then Audio. Tab to mic and set loudness. I think that recording quality on next tab may also work here - set best quality.
hope this will help
mareka_ce4you (150)|18.7.2008 00:49
Ahoj, mám sice wm6, ale nikde jsem ten soubor nenašel, mohl by mi ho někado prosím někam nahrát?
priwi_ce4you (0)|20.7.2008 16:59
V A639 tenhle soubor neni... Až v A696